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The way you organise your production process determines to a large extent the success of your organisation. To compete in today’s market, manufacturers need higher quality, shorter cycle times and more visibility and flexibility, while at the same time meeting regulatory requirements. As a manufacturing company, you cannot afford breakdowns or downtime.

Enterprise Mobility for Manufacturing & Production

Throw your pen and paper away and start working mobile! Link your current ERP or WMS system to our solutions and optimise your daily processes such as order picking, material handling, time registration, quality control, asset management and route accounting. In a production or industrial environment, it is wise to choose robust solutions that are especially made for industrial applications. Our auto-ID solutions are rugged and resistant to water, dust and extreme temperatures.

Dalosy’s Enterprise Mobility solutions enable manufacturers to get more in touch with the factory floor to become more agile, optimise processes and embrace market changes. Make use of our track & trace solutions, comprehensive data capture and predictive analytics. Keep track of your production process by providing insight into the status and location of materials and machines at all times. Gain real-time insight to better manage processes and make innovations where necessary for greater flexibility and a more intelligent production environment. To deploy mobile solutions efficiently, a wireless network is a must. This makes it possible to access real-time information from any location. It gives you the freedom of movement you need!

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Our experience

In over 45 years of working with various leading manufacturers such as ASICS, Bison, Eurofrigo, VDL Nedcar, ConDoor and HCI, we know the Production & Industry sector inside out. We know exactly what processes are in place and understand the challenges you face, which enables us to advise you well. Continuity is guaranteed with Dalosy’s Enterprise Mobility Management services. By non-stop monitoring of your mobile devices, applications and wireless networks, abnormalities that may cause problems can be solved immediately. From repairs and troubleshooting to updating your software.

customers about dalosy

“I enjoy working with Dalosy because of their experience, their thorough knowledge and expertise and their commitment to applying the latest (proven) technology.”

Patrick du Buf

IT Service Manager at de Bijenkorf

customer cases

“We can always recall on the expertise of Dalosy. Not only during the selection of hardware, but also in the daily practice.”

Mark Engels


customer cases

“Together with a few people internally, Dalosy has ensured a successful transition.”

Patrick Tielens

Team Leader Service Desk at H.Essers

customer cases

“The cooperation just felt good.”

David Rauws

Business Analyst at

customer cases

“Thanks to Dalosy, we now have much more control over what happens in our warehouse.”

Filip De Wit

Logistics IT Support manager at D’Ieteren

customer cases

The collaboration with Dalosy has been excellent for years

Maikel van der Born

Manager Bouwmarktautomatisering bij Intergamma

customer cases

“The new solution has already delivered a 10% increase in productivity.”

Robin Bouwmeester

WMS-specialist at ASICS

customer cases

Dalosy has long experience in voice picking and has advised us on this.

Cock Engelhart

Manager Logistics at Martens Kunststoffen

customer cases

The collaboration with Dalosy was a great success.

Cor van Gils

ICT-manager bij Prénatal

customer cases

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Your benefits

Our Enterprise Mobility solutions help manufacturers and industrial companies to automate and digitise your processes.You get:

  • Real-time insight into all the steps of the manufacturing and production process
  • More efficiency
  • Higher productivity
  • More control and visibility
  • Continuity
  • Goods, people, assets and events that are traceable and visible in real-time
  • Maximum flexibility
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