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The continuity of your organisation is essential. In a world where ‘time is money’, you cannot afford to have processes grind to a halt because of a breakdown or faulty equipment. Customers drop out if they are not immediately provided with information, and business processes must continue without interruption, whether your employees are discounting, stocking the shop or picking orders in the warehouse. Maintenance of equipment, applications and network infrastructure is important and contributes to the optimal performance of your business processes. Dalosy offers various repair, support and managed services to help you.


When using mobile devices, they can sometimes break or become defective. Our collection and delivery service ensures that we collect the faulty device, repair it and return it to you within 4 hours. Register your repair quickly and easily with Dalosy and we will take care of the rest. What you get back is a working mobile device, fully configured with your settings and applications. So your employees can get straight back to work!

Technical Support

Every minute in which you are unable to work costs money. At Dalosy, you get prompt assistance from our Professional Services team when a technical fault occurs in a mobile device, wireless network or application.

Mobile Device Management

With Mobile Device Management, we monitor your mobile devices and the wireless network non-stop, so that abnormalities are immediately detected and remedied. We provide proactive management to improve the continuity of the mobile devices. Is a mobile device broken? Then we ensure that it is exchanged and that the correct OS version, applications and safety patches are installed.

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Enterprise Mobility Management

The use and diversity of mobile devices is increasing. Consequently, the demand for expertise in managing this equipment and the surrounding infrastructure is also growing. Dalosy offers the solution to unburden you: Enterprise Mobility Manamagent (EMM). With our EMM services, we manage your mobile equipment using SOTI MobiControl. Remotely, we ensure that the latest updates and security patches are installed. We monitor whether the network, the equipment and the battery are still working properly and advise timely replacement or maintenance. And is a device broken? We ensure that it is exchanged.

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