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Do you temporary need extra equipment? Are there times when extra mobile equipment would be handy, but you find the investment for buying and maintaining a scanner too big? Then flexible renting might be the thing for you!

Flexible renting

Companies that only need certain mobile equipment for a limited period of time can rent it from Dalosy on a temporary basis. For example, do you only need scanners for end-of-year inventories? Or do you need extra equipment to expand during a busy period and you don’t want to incur the costs of maintaining a large mobile environment? Are you still in doubt and would you like to try out the mobile devices first before making an investment? Renting might be the perfect option.

Renting without hassle

Dalosy offers a wide range of mobile devices from Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, Datalogic, Vocollect and Toshiba. From barcode scanners and label printers to handheld terminals and voice picking equipment. By listening carefully to your wishes, we ensure that you receive the mobile device that best suits your organisation. You will also receive the rented devices with the correct settings and applications. So you can start using the equipment immediately. We take care of the maintenance, support and management for you!

Discover our rental services

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