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In today’s world, you have to be agile in the Transport & Logistics sector to meet the rapidly changing demand. Goods transport by road, rail, water and air continues to increase. Employees are under pressure and become overworked, environmental legislation is becoming stricter and customers are becoming more demanding. In addition, this sector has to deal with more handling and rising costs for fuel and warehouse space. This makes automation and digitalisation in the transport & logistics industry more important than ever.

Enterprise Mobility for Transport & Logistics

Fortunately, our Enterprise Mobility solutions can give you insight into your entire operation. With up-to-date information, you can: make better decisions, significantly increase efficiency, optimise the supply chain and ensure flawless execution. So that the right goods, in the right place, are delivered at the right time. Our solutions easily streamline the processing and retrieval of data such as Proof of Delivery, Order Picking, Inventory, Job Registration and Proof of Collect. You have instant insight into which orders are coming in, what the delivery time of a shipment is and where parcels are in the warehouse. In addition, orders are picked and processed faster (manually or automatically) and containers are loaded optimally for greater efficiency. The foundation to optimally streamline your logistics is a wireless network.

Time is money. As a player in the Transport and Logistics sector, you know that better than anyone. Technical defects and failing systems therefore require an immediate solution. With our Enterprise Mobility Management services, your mobile devices, app and infrastructures are kept operational and repaired. If necessary, we arrange replacement equipment to overcome the problem.

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Proof of Delivery
Proof of Collect
Fleet management
Track & Trace
Supply Chain Management
Wireless Network Infrastructure
App development

Our experience

For over 45 years we have been working together with several leading companies in the Transport & Logistics sector such as Kramer Group, Kuehne+Nagel, APM Terminal, KLM, H.Essers and Antwerp Euroterminal. We know exactly what processes are in place in the Transport & Logistics sector and understand the challenges you face, which is why we can advise you well.

customers about dalosy

“I enjoy working with Dalosy because of their experience, their thorough knowledge and expertise and their commitment to applying the latest (proven) technology.”

Patrick du Buf

IT Service Manager at de Bijenkorf

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“We can always recall on the expertise of Dalosy. Not only during the selection of hardware, but also in the daily practice.”

Mark Engels


customer cases

“Together with a few people internally, Dalosy has ensured a successful transition.”

Patrick Tielens

Team Leader Service Desk at H.Essers

customer cases

“The cooperation just felt good.”

David Rauws

Business Analyst at

customer cases

“Thanks to Dalosy, we now have much more control over what happens in our warehouse.”

Filip De Wit

Logistics IT Support manager at D’Ieteren

customer cases

The collaboration with Dalosy has been excellent for years

Maikel van der Born

Manager Bouwmarktautomatisering bij Intergamma

customer cases

“The new solution has already delivered a 10% increase in productivity.”

Robin Bouwmeester

WMS-specialist at ASICS

customer cases

Dalosy has long experience in voice picking and has advised us on this.

Cock Engelhart

Manager Logistics at Martens Kunststoffen

customer cases

The collaboration with Dalosy was a great success.

Cor van Gils

ICT-manager bij Prénatal

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Your benefits

Our Enterprise Mobility solutions help companies in the transport and logistics industry to automate and digitise. With our solutions you get:

• Real-time insights
• More efficiency
• Higher productivity
• More control in processess

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