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The basis for Internet of Things (IoT) or Enterprise Mobility is a reliable and secure wireless network. Just like water, gas and electricity, a good WAN/LAN/WWAN environment has become a necessity for good business operations. Would you like to build a wireless infrastructure? Or do you want to expand your existing WiFi network to resolve weak spots? Then you have come to the right place at Dalosy. At Dalosy, we have years of experience with Enterprise Mobility and wireless networks. We have assisted stores, distribution centres and many other types of organisation from A to Z in setting up or re-deploying a wireless network. From orientation to implementation and management, we arrange everything for you.

Site Survey

To build a good network infrastructure, we always start by taking stock of your organisation’s requirements and needs in terms of mobility and wireless. We assess the environment, the physical characteristics of the building and/or the area, the costs and the ambition of your company. We discuss all short- and long-term possibilities and give well-founded advice. We then measure the entire site and use a site survey to determine how many access points you need for good coverage and where they should be located, depending on your situation and location. During this process, we also look at how the access points should be mounted and take into account interference from other sources that may be interfering with your WiFi. At Dalosy, we produce a detailed report of each site survey. This document is useful for your project plan.


Based on the site survey, we can determine what hardware is needed. We pay attention to the environment in which the access points will be installed – outdoors, indoors or both – and how powerful and fast the access points need to be. We deliver the equipment you need or upgrade your existing equipment to work optimally. We supply wireless network equipment from the two best-known A-brands, Cisco and Extreme Networks.


To ensure a smooth roll-out of the network infrastructure, we always make a joint planning. In this planning, all important activities and moments for a successful implementation are determined in mutual consultation. On the basis of this planning, our network engineers start delivering the new network infrastructure.

Network management

The increase in the use of mobile devices and the IoT, which means that more and more different types of (smart) devices are connected to the Internet, means that the demand for a higher capacity Wi-Fi network is increasing. But when the wireless network is expanded, the pressure on the management of the network and the IT department also increases. Would you like to have no worries about your WiFi network at all? Then leave the management, monitoring and maintenance entirely to Dalosy! From repairs and security to updates, everything is well organised with us. You are completely relieved of all worries!

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