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Over the years, Dalosy has specialised in supplying total solutions in Enterprise Mobility. This means that we do everything we can to make things easier for you. Put your question, situation and ambitions to Dalosy. We provide well-founded advice and explain which Enterprise Mobility solution is right for your organisation, now and in the future. Countless hospitals, logistics companies, webshops, supermarket chains and distribution centres have gone before you and trust our expertise.

Share your needs with us

First, we discuss your wishes and assess together what you really need. We then develop and implement a solution that fits perfectly with your needs. We then set up the entire mobile landscape together with the staff from the relevant department and provide a link between the new solutions and existing systems. Finally, we can provide ongoing support with the maintenance of mobile hardware, software and wireless infrastructure, or with their complete management.

Security advice

Dalosy can also advise you on hardware and software security. We have everything in-house for the best cybersecurity and can also ensure that your company’s security is completely in order. We can relieve you of all your worries and take care of all your security needs, from software updates and firewalls to encryption methods and anti-malware. With regular updates and rock-solid security, Dalosy ensures that your company is ready for the future.

Advice from an expert

Would you like some advice or consultancy? Please feel free to contact us!




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