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Warehouse, distribution and fulfilment centre operators worldwide must continually adapt to the growing expectations of the on-demand economy. The demand for ever-higher volumes is increasing and a global shortage of staff is emerging. Modern consumers want their needs to be met immediately and expect faster delivery of their orders, preferably within 24 hours. This is changing the omni-channel landscape. Having insight into all your goods, people and processes is crucial to having an integrated, productive and profitable supply chain.

Enterprise Mobility for Warehouse & Distribution

Whether you are responsible for a factory warehouse, a distribution centre or the stock management in the back room of your shop, growing warehouses can pose major operational challenges. Consider staffing levels, use of IT and technology, and supply chain visibility. What happens where, when and by whom? Our Enterprise Mobility solutions can give you the answer to these questions.

Our scanning and printing equipment can already give you a better grip on your company’s activities. By connecting these devices to your WMS, you can take the productivity of your team as a whole to a new level. By integrating real-time location tracking systems (RTLS) into your WMS, it is possible to record and analyse advanced data in real-time in order to optimise the flow of goods from receiving to shipping. In order to optimally streamline logistics processes, a wireless network is an indispensable basis. It ensures that employees can work mobile. In this way, they can access real-time data anytime and anywhere, process these data and communicate with the WMS and with each other. And that gives you an overview of all goods flows!

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Our experience

We have over 45 years of experience in automating, optimising and managing warehouses and distribution centres. We have taken hundreds of warehouses – from manufacturing companies, retailers and logistics companies – to the next level with our Enterprise Mobility solutions. We know the processes in warehouses and DCs inside out, and we understand the challenges you face, so we can advise you properly. We also develop apps that are linked to WMS, ERP or TMS for processing and retrieving data such as Proof of Delivery, order picking, inventory, job registration and Proof of Collect.

customers about dalosy

“I enjoy working with Dalosy because of their experience, their thorough knowledge and expertise and their commitment to applying the latest (proven) technology.”

Patrick du Buf

IT Service Manager at de Bijenkorf

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“We can always recall on the expertise of Dalosy. Not only during the selection of hardware, but also in the daily practice.”

Mark Engels


customer cases

“Together with a few people internally, Dalosy has ensured a successful transition.”

Patrick Tielens

Team Leader Service Desk at H.Essers

customer cases

“The cooperation just felt good.”

David Rauws

Business Analyst at bol.com

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“Thanks to Dalosy, we now have much more control over what happens in our warehouse.”

Filip De Wit

Logistics IT Support manager at D’Ieteren

customer cases

The collaboration with Dalosy has been excellent for years

Maikel van der Born

Manager Bouwmarktautomatisering bij Intergamma

customer cases

“The new solution has already delivered a 10% increase in productivity.”

Robin Bouwmeester

WMS-specialist at ASICS

customer cases

Dalosy has long experience in voice picking and has advised us on this.

Cock Engelhart

Manager Logistics at Martens Kunststoffen

customer cases

The collaboration with Dalosy was a great success.

Cor van Gils

ICT-manager bij Prénatal

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Your benefits

Our Enterprise Mobility solutions help you automate and digitise warehouses and distribution centres with real-time visibility for:

  • More efficiency
  • Higher productivity
  • More control and visibility over all your processes, from receipt to shipment.

Whether you’re managing a production warehouse, retail inventory or several distribution centres, our Enterprise Mobility solutions for warehouse and distribution management can help.

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