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Because of the renewed WMS, ASICS needed a new mobile device with the integrated software and processing power required for the new systems to work properly. It also had to be future-proof and multifunctional, working on an Android platform and improving efficiency in the warehouses. In short, one mobile device with which all warehouse tasks could be managed: a comprehensive upgrade. ASICS asked Dalosy to investigate which solution would best meet their needs, and to supply it.


ASICS Europe BV is the European subsidiary of ASICS Corporation, market leader in high-quality running shoes. This Japanese performance brand was founded in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka. His vision is translated into the name ASICS, an acronym for the Latin phrase ‘Anima Sana in Corpore Sano’, or ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. ASICS is a leading designer and producer of running shoes with optimum running comfort, sportswear and accessories and sports shoes for tennis, for example. The brand is also known for its popular lifestyle trainers. ASICS has been working with Dalosy for years, and has two European distribution centres, located in France and Germany.

A comprehensive upgrade

Dalosy had ASICS test three mobile devices. After the various tests, the Zebra TC8000 mobile touch computer proved to meet all ASICS’ needs. Dalosy organised a successful pilot phase in the warehouses with the TC8000. Together with ASICS, we converted the traditional telnet screens into an intuitive touch interface and carried out the implementation further. The TC8000s are wirelessly connected to ASICS’ WMS via Velocity, ensuring that all warehouse activities are recorded in real-time.

ASICS’ warehouse teams now use Zebra’s TC8000 for all warehouse processes, including inbound goods, stock movements, inventory, stock replenishment, picking, outbound goods and returns processing. Users were able to quickly get to grips with the new device after implementation. Thanks to the TC8000’s smart, ergonomic, lightweight design and crossed-laser function, users save up to one hour of work per shift. A 10% increase in productivity is thus achieved.

"We chose Zebra's TC8000 as it meets all our needs with one device. Our warehouse teams are very enthusiastic about the ergonomic, lightweight design of the TC8000 which delivers the perfect combination of comfort and efficiency. At our two largest European distribution centres, the new solution has already delivered a 10% increase in productivity."

Robin Bouwmeester, WMS-specialist at ASICS

The Android operating system and the extensive features of the TC8000 allow ASICS to expand functionality in the future. For example, with voice picking, connection to interactive warehouse glasses and/or the use of a camera for graphic tracking.

Managing 300+ terminals

To keep the 300+ terminals – spread over three distribution centers – in optimal condition, ASICS also uses SOTI MobiControl Cloud (Mobile Device Management). This allows configuration, updates and management of the TC8000s to be performed remotely and outside warehouse working hours. This saves time and ensures that staff can always work efficiently.




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