Mobile Device Management

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Are you looking for an expert party to manage your mobile devices? Then you only want to do business with a company that has sufficient experience and expertise in your industry. With our long track record, we understand the challenges companies face every day and we speak their language. That is why we are the ideal partner for companies that use Enterprise Mobility. Dalosy has built up a wealth of experience and expertise with Mobile Device Management (MDM) since the introduction of Enterprise Mobility.

24/7 Mobile Device Management

We manage your mobile devices 24/7. We proactively detect and remedy anomalous settings. This saves costs and reduces business risks. We can streamline settings for multiple mobile devices for optimal efficiency. As an experienced MDM party, we help you by managing all devices with SOTI MobiControl. We believe it is important to always stay in contact with our customers, so that we can quickly respond to changes and continuously improve our services.

Monthly reports

We understand you want to know exactly what the results and findings of our Enterprise Mobility Management and Mobile Device Management are. That’s why you will receive periodic reports from us. This is not only a way of showing you how useful our work is, but also a source of tips and suggestions for improving the use and development of your operating systems.

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