Martens Kunststoffen

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Martens Kunststoffen is a leading producer and supplier of plastic piping systems for the professional and retail market. Because their logistics did not always run smoothly and smoothly, they decided with Dalosy and HSO to automate and optimize their logistical processes with voice picking. The result was astonishing with 15% higher productivity and 75% fewer mispicks.

About Martens Kunststoffen

Martens kunststoffen is a leading producer and supplier of plastic piping systems for both the professional and retail markets. The production and logistics processes are ultramodern and fully automated, from the mixing of raw materials to the packaging of the end products. These find their application in sewers, pressure pipes, electrical installations, rainwater drainage and industrial pipes.

From errors to voice picking and real-time insight

In the Martens Kunststoffen warehouse the order pickers still worked from paper. When the shelf was empty, the order pickers called out to colleagues to fill the shelf. This led to a lot of hectic, mispicking, errors and loss of time and to the need to improve the system.

Martens, Dalosy and HSO together described the logistical processes that could be automated. They then set to work. In order to make use of real-time information, Dalosy equipped the warehouse with various access points. We also supplied a scanning and voice picking solution together with HSO. Order pickers are now controlled via headsets and data is processed in real-time in Dynamics AX.

Martens’ lift and reach trucks are also equipped with truck terminals and scanners that allow employees to communicate with Dynamics AX in real time.

"Dalosy has long-standing experience in voice picking and has advised us on it. Our sales teams, customers and stock managers are very satisfied. We now have an accurate stock which makes our delivery rate manageable."

Cock Engelhart, Manager Logistics at Martens Kunststoffen

Satisfied teams, customers and stock managers

Automating the logistics processes and real-time insight into stock have yielded several good results. Productivity has increased by 15%, the quantity of mispicks has been reduced by 75% and Martens now has a reliable stock.




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