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In addition to scanning and mobile computing solutions, Dalosy also supplies voice solutions to optimise business processes. Voice solutions can be used for various purposes. However, voice picking is the most commonly used application. Dalosy sells and leases voice picking solutions from Vocollect, including hardware and software for voice recognition.

What is voice picking

Voice picking is – very simply put – voice-controlled order picking in which man and computer communicate with each other. Order pickers wear a headset with which they receive spoken instructions (from the computer) and then confirm these by voice. Through voice recognition, what the order picker says can be recorded in the system. The order picker thus has his hands and eyes free, as a result of which he can do his work faster, safer and with full concentration.

The benefits of voice picking

The main advantage of voice picking solutions is the very high working accuracy (up to 99.9%). This leads to fewer errors, lower costs and higher delivery reliability. Vocollect (part of Honeywell) is the absolute market leader in the field of voice solutions. Vocollect has spent years understanding logistics processes and has applied this extensive knowledge to create the best voice picking solution with maximum efficiency. The voice technology of Vocollect is very fast to implement and very user-friendly, reducing the learning time (training of new people) by 75%. The result? More efficiency, lower costs and higher productivity.

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