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Because Prénatal used an external company that only did stock inventories in the shops once a year, Prénatal rarely had an accurate, real-time overview of the shop stocks. It was very difficult for the shops to buy the right quantities. They often faced the problem of buying too high or too low volumes, which led to items being sold out and sales being missed. Together with Zebra Technologies and SOTI, Dalosy was able to deliver a full-service mobile solution resulting in cost reduction, more efficiency and better visibility.

About Prenatal

Prénatal was founded in 1959 and has been part of the Artsana Group since 2006. This leading European chain company specializes in the distribution of products for (expectant) mothers and children up to 4 years old. To meet their needs, Prénatal offers a range of popular and affordable products, services and advice. Today, Prénatal is the largest specialist for you and your child, with a total of 44 stores spread throughout the Netherlands. Consisting of megastores, citystores, boutique and the Prénatal webshop.

Role of Dalosy

Together with Zebra Technologies and SOTI, Dalosy has delivered a total package consisting of mobile devices with a fully customized stock application, a repair service contract and SOTI MobiControl for external management and security.

Dalosy developed the Android app in close collaboration with Prénatal’s stock management and IT department. Dalosy started with a simple app that only included an inventory counting feature so staff could get used to the technology. More functions have since been added and the app is currently used for both stock and control counting, printing price labels and retrieving product information. Customers can now also be helped better.

Sales associates now perform a partial inventory every week with the mobile computers supplied. The ICT department of Prénatal uses SOTI MobiControl not only to remotely manage and update the mobile devices of all branches in the Netherlands, but also the Apple iPads that are used in the company.

"Dalosy was a new supplier to us and that is always risky. However, we can now report that our cooperation has been a great success. Dalosy's knowledge and flexibility helped us choose the hardware and the final development of the application."

Cor van Gils, ICT-manager at Prénatal

Working together was a great success

Prénatal now has a much better insight into the inventory of each shop and can manage stocks more effectively on this basis. Thanks to the user-friendliness of the app and the mobile device, the staff had no problems whatsoever with the new system.

Staff can now carry out inventories quickly, easily and regularly, saving the company a great deal of time and money. In addition, the Zebra OneCare service contract and SOTI MobiControl ensure that there are always enough mobile devices available and that they work optimally.




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