What you need to know when switching from Windows to Android OS on Enterprise devices

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Of course, you already know this: Microsoft is gradually ending development and support of Windows Embedded Handheld and Windows CE operating systems. In June 2018, the first step was already taken and in 2020, all support will stop. There is no reason to panic, as Android was already widely adopted in the consumer market and is now also the standard for Enterprise Mobility hardware manufacturers. But if your logistics organisation is still equipped with Windows devices, when do you switch?

What is a favourable moment and how do you prevent the entire company from grinding to a halt? We list a few points for you in this blog.

Do not delay

If you know you will eventually have to say goodbye to your Windows devices, why wait? The sooner your organisation learns to work with an Android solution, the better. Now you still have time to make the switch in peace. Although you might be reluctant to migrate to a new platform, the fact that you switch in time can ensure a smooth transition.

Prepare well

Good preparation is half the battle. Don’t think that this change only concerns logistics and IT. Involve the entire organisation. These operating systems, which are often used in warehouses, are often linked to a management system that includes all hardware. This is something to take into account when making the switch.

Managing Android (Enterprise Mobility Management)

Android is somewhat more difficult to manage than Windows. This is partly because OS updates occur more frequently. Safety patches are even issued monthly. Both the updates and the safety patches must be in line with the version of the software application and the Mobile Device Management software. This requires more attention and knowledge than you were used to.

Take a look in advance at how Enterprise Mobility Management is currently organised. For example, are there also apps for the back office and/or field service? If so, this step may enable you to place the entire management in the hands of a single party. Find a reliable and expert party that can do Android management for you.

Ensure good security

With so many organisations switching to Android, it is also very attractive to viruses and ransomware. In addition to a reliable administrator, you need good security that is regularly checked and updated.

The app should also be converted

If you make the switch, the app itself must of course also be converted from Windows to Android. Fortunately, there are good solutions for converting a web application without changing the entire app.

What are the advantages of Android?

If you find the change exciting, look forward to the benefits of Android. There are many! Android is modern, innovative, user-friendly and offers more functionality. There are more apps available and Android develops quickly, so you are ahead of the game when it comes to new technologies and trends. There is a new version almost every year.

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