Smooth transition from Windows to Android OS

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Does your organisation work with Windows Embedded Handheld and Windows CE operating systems? Then you may have already heard that Microsoft has decided to stop supporting these systems. In fact, a start was already made in 2018. In 2020, the curtain will completely fall on this service. Since many rugged devices still run on these systems, it makes sense to start planning the switch to Android OS.

Android Enterprise is the best alternative

Almost everyone agrees that Android Enterprise is the best operating system to take the place of Windows. Because it is a leading OS on smartphones, many users are already used to it. That makes the step so much easier. Thanks to a number of large hardware manufacturers, Android is increasingly being used on rugged devices and handhelds for logistical processes. In addition, Android lends itself very well to development and is very innovative, making it an attractive choice for many other applications as well.

The benefits of Android Enterprise

  • Android is modern and future-oriented
  • Android is easy to use
  • Android offers more possibilities
  • Android develops fast, so you can always use new technologies/trends

Android OS versions follow each other in rapid succession

The life cycle of Enterprise mobile devices on Android is partly dependent on the Android version. That is certainly a point to bear in mind. Zebra and Honeywell, the largest manufacturers of Enterprise Mobility hardware, have found a solution for this. With the LifeGuard for Android from Zebra and the Mobility Edge Platform from Honeywell they offer solutions to extend the life cycle of the hardware when switching to a new OS version.

Do it yourself or let it go?

Another thing to take into account: when upgrading to a newer Android version, you should check whether the application and the Mobile Device Management (MDM) system can work with it or whether an update is required. After all, your OS is linked to your application and the Mobile Device Management system.

This can be a challenge if you have no experience with it. Moreover, it takes a lot of time. We can imagine that it scares you off and that you don’t feel like dealing with it. Fortunately, you are not on your own. Dalosy has extensive knowledge and experience with Android, apps and MDM and can support you in this. That way, you have the advantages and not the disadvantages of this development.

Do not forget your Mobile Device Management

So you’re not only looking for a solution for the transition to Android, but also for the management that comes afterwards. But Mobile Device Management is not something you can just delegate. Managing all the devices in your organisation on Android is more complicated than with Windows. You need a party that understands that.

Looking for a reliable partner to manage your mobile devices? Maybe you should talk to us.

Why choose Dalosy?

We provide complete solutions for hardware, software and mobile device management. With our long track record, we understand your challenges and speak your language.

Dalosy has:

  • a certified professional services team with a broad knowledge of hardware, software and wireless
  • more than 20 years of experience with Windows Mobility
  • more than 5 years of experience with Android implementations
  • an own software development team
  • an impressive track record. Dalosy has worked for many years with demanding organisations such as Nike, KLM and Ahold in the field of Android, mobile device management and roll-outs.

Dalosy ensures continuity in your organisation when it comes to migration and management of Android within Enterprise Mobility.

Dalosy makes the difference for your organisation

Over the years, Dalosy has specialised in providing total solutions. This means that we do everything we can to make your life easier. First, we discuss your wishes and assess what you really need. Then we work out and implement a solution that fits in perfectly with them. Finally, we continue to support you by, for example, maintaining and fully managing the solution. We take care of mobile hardware, software, wireless infrastructure and management.

Want to know how we are going to make the difference for your organisation? Come on in with your challenge. We will gladly explain it to you!

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Want to know how we are going to make the difference for your organisation? Come on in with your challenge. We will gladly explain it to you!




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