Enterprise Mobility 2021-2022: The biggest developments

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Our industry is constantly evolving. In 2021, too, a lot happened. Some changes we saw coming, others surprised everyone. And 2022 too will bring many new developments. A hint: security will be more important than ever. We will bring you up to date.

Review of Enterprise Mobility developments in 2021

For many organisations, the year 2021 was different than expected. This applied to all links in the chain. As far as Enterprise Mobility is concerned, there were two main trends: demand was higher than expected, and the migration from Windows to Android took off.

Increased demand due to market developments

The high demand for Enterprise Mobility in 2021 is largely due to the fact that companies in the retail and logistics sectors gained new customers and developed new activities. For example, parcel processing and delivery, and the associated logistics processes, experienced impressive growth. Consumers ordered en masse: from packages at webshops to daily shopping. Particularly because of the logistical processes, companies had a greater need for Enterprise Mobility.

Migration from Windows to Android

In 2021, we saw the first signs of the shift from Windows to Android. This has also contributed to the growth of Enterprise Mobility. The Windows Operating System on Enterprise Mobility devices is no longer supported by Microsoft. And that creates problems around security and keeping devices up-to-date.

As support for Windows devices comes to an end, organisations are switching to devices that run on Android. Android is very suitable for mobile devices and Google’s support is excellent. This migration largely took place in 2021 and we expect it to continue in the coming years.

The development of Enterprise Mobility in 2022

If we look ahead to 2022, we see several developments. Some of these have to do with staff shortages. But the biggest driver of change? Security. The focus on security is getting bigger and bigger, and various developments arise from that.

Automation and robotisation

Firstly, we see that staff shortages will continue to rise in 2022. These shortages lead to companies wanting to further optimise and automate. The demand for robotisation is growing. Therefore, we expect to make great strides in robotisation next year, especially in warehouses.

More focus on security

The next – and biggest – development is the further focus on security. The risk of being hacked is as great as ever. To plug leaks and keep data safe, you need updates and security patches. Organisations are increasingly aware of the importance of having their software and hardware in order to prevent malicious parties from gaining access.

At Dalosy, we see this movement too. Companies are increasingly asking our experts to provide mobile devices and equipment with the latest security patches to monitor safety. Previously, we had to convince companies of the importance of updates and security, but now we notice that companies are already aware of this themselves. A good development!

The migration from Windows to Android is related to the focus on security. The ending support for Windows software means that leaks are no longer being closed and organisations become more vulnerable to hackers. For good security, your operating system must be up-to-date. Windows no longer provides that, Android does.

Proactive lifecycle management

Also related to security: proactive lifecycle management. We expect this to receive more attention in 2022, in order to stay ahead of the hackers. With proactive lifecycle management, an organisation installs every new software version immediately, instead of catching up once in a while. As far as hardware is concerned, you proactively look at when devices are end of life, end of service, or end of sale.

All systems and software need to be attuned to each other. In many cases, organisations do not have the knowledge or time to do this themselves. That is why we take care of the management of their systems and devices, so that security and updates are always in order throughout the organisation.

Because of the diversity in our customer base, we encounter many issues. That is a great advantage. Every time we solve a technical problem, we learn from it. We use that knowledge to prevent problems at other companies or to solve them more quickly. We constantly keep our knowledge up to date and learn every day. This allows us to be a valuable knowledge partner for our customers.

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