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What about the communication within your company? Do employees walk around with three devices every day in order to communicate? Are you only accessible at your desk, sitting next to your fixed telephone or behind your laptop? Good communication is important for every organisation. But that is easier said than done. Two things are essential for good communication: clarity and simplicity. That is why you have to tackle noise on the line and complicated processes straight away. That can still be quite a challenge. Fortunately, there is a solution: Workforce Connect (WFC). With WFC, you can make communication clear and simple again.

What is Workforce Connect?

Workforce Connect is a cloud-based software solution from Zebra that combines all your voice and data communications in one mobile device.

Communicating with each other has never been easier. With WFC, you can instantly communicate with your team, no matter where they are: in the office, at another site, across the country or even on another continent. You can easily make contact by phone, via push-to-talk, or via text messages.

With WFC, your organisation finally runs like a well-oiled machine. Teams are seamlessly connected. This enables everyone to act efficiently and effectively. Logistics, purchasing or customer service – every department benefits.

Workforce Connect PTT Pro

With WFC PTT Pro, you use push-to-talk (PTT) to communicate – in this way, you use your device as a walkie-talkie. Employees can use it to communicate one-to-one, but also to a group. PTT Pro is ideal for communication within and between teams. Leading a team, location or district is also easy with this robust push-to-talk feature.

Already using a Zebra mobile device? Then you can easily add PTT Pro to it. You’ll have push-to-talk functionality in no time.

Benefits of Workforce Connect

With WFC, employees carry fewer devices, are more accessible and have lower costs.

Less equipment

Today, employees often carry a smartphone to make external calls, a walkie-talkie for internal communication and a mobile computer to scan products or enter data. They have to charge all these devices, carry them around and keep an eye out for messages. By implementing WFC, one device is enough for everyone. That is much more efficient.

Better accessibility

No one is tied to their desk anymore, and the landline phone can be binned. Because every employee only needs to carry one mobile device, you increase both their accessibility and their mobility. In addition, you can send messages to one or more colleagues quickly and securely.

Minder kosten

Every organisation has its own requirements and its own way of communicating. That’s why Zebra has added extensive configuration possibilities to WFC. This way, you can shape the software to suit your business. This makes a big difference in costs: instead of using multiple devices per employee, you use one device with customised software. That means less maintenance, less revisions and fewer separate updates.

The possibilities of Workforce Connect

Workforce Connect enables employees to communicate with each other in a streamlined way. This offers countless possibilities.

Send data safely

This allows them to send messages quickly and with encryption. Does someone want to send an image, audio or video? No problem thanks to multimedia support. Because messages are encrypted, employees can safely send the information needed to get the job done – even sensitive customer data.

Reachable anywhere

Does everyone have a fixed telephone on their desk? That is no longer necessary. Day-to-day communication no longer has to be via a landline telephone and the telephone exchange. With WFC, you can get a customised interface. In this way, even the most complex telephone functions can be transferred to a mobile device. With WFC, employees can work wherever they want.

Emergency communication

Does something need to be collected urgently? Then send it to a group of colleagues. The one who has immediate time and/or is closest let them know that he or she will take the job. Has everything worked out? With a message everyone knows that the urgent job is done.

Keep a distance of 1.5 metres

New updates offer new functionalities. Motion Works Proximity is a good example. On the work floor, it is often difficult to keep one and a half metres distance. That’s why you can enable this new application. Do employees accidentally get too close to each other? Then the device gives a warning.

All in one with Workforce Connect

With Workforce Connect, you immediately have everything in one:

  • Mobile phone
  • Desk phone
  • Portophone
  • Barcode scanner
  • Pager
  • Paging system

Dalosy provides monitoring and service

A cloud-based software solution such as Workforce Connect must work faultlessly at all times. With Dalosy, you can be sure of this. With our online monitoring, we ensure continuity – day in, day out.

Our expertise also comes in handy when listing the possibilities and implementing WFC. And an update is coming? You won’t even notice. We ensure that the update is carried out without disruption and that all parts of the software run 100% again after the update.




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