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With voice-picking equipment order picking processes can be 20-25% more productive within logistic companies. Dalosy Enterprise Mobility will tell you about it.

A closer look into voice-picking equipment

Voice picking is a good way to fulfil the wishes of your customers with fast deliveries, high quality and low prices. When working with voice picking equipement the operation can be arranged more efficient and mistakes can be brought to a minimum.

What is voice picking?

With voice picking logistic staff will communicate via voice with the ERP- or WMS-systems in the organisation. They will receive orders, information and instructions on their headphones via Text To Speech (TTS). Then they confirm their orders via a microphone.

All tasks will be checked and processed real time within the ERP- or WMS-system. So the status of the order can always be checked, next to that the performance of the logistic processes can be seen.

With voice picking equipment your staff has their hands free. So they can work focussed without looking on a screen. Because of the fact the staff will follow instructions en will be led through the warehouse by the system, pick mistakes can be corrected to 80%.

Voice picking requirements in logistics

At Dalosy we see the growing amount of questions to voice picking equipment. Which is understandable, as we see after integration that the productivity in logistic companies increased with 20-25%.

In an exploratory conversation we often hear: ‘How hard can it be? In my car and at home I have voice solutions. Alexa and Siri often give me the right answer.’

We understand that. A private situation can’t be compared to a professional logistic environment. Normal voice recognition often works from the cloud. It takes some time before you get an answer.

In a warehouse you cannot wait for that. You expect an answer back within a few milliseconds. If you process thousands pick-orders a day, a delay of 1-2 seconds can lead to several minutes of delay daily. That’s why voice recognition is often on the device it self.

            LYDIA Voice
  • A successful and rugged product, which has more than earned there success. Honeywell continues developing the product.


  • As user you need to train the device on your voice. This takes 5-10 minutes. This is no problem when working with permanent employees, but when working with seasonal employees it’s harder to use.


  • Vocollect also offers Pickup & Go where there is no training for required.


  • You work with a specific device for the voice-tasks, de Talkman.


  • The Vocollect devices work very well in cold and humid environments.
  • Since 2022 we work together with this product. Our engineers are certified for working together with LYDIA Voice. Our sales people are also trained to advise customers about LYDIA Voice.


  • LYDIA is a voice independent product. The user can use the product without a training, and will be recognised very soon. Even if the user has an accent.


  • The voice tasks from Lydia can be worked on a normal Enterprise Mobility device for order picking. This is interesting for companies who rather use one device for different tasks within the organisation.


  • LYDIA Voice can show management information. What is the performance from the voice system, where can we improve the process?

Vocollect and LYDIA both offer excellent options for integration or interface with existing logistics software. They are also equipped with artificial intelligence, so that they do their work better, smarter and more efficiently in the background.

Dalosy Enterprise Mobility advises

As trusted advisor we find it very important to give an honest advice and to offer a choice to our relations. Because every company has its own specific wishes and are all different. We get positive reviews from both products. Our experts are happy to listen to your wishes and will research into the different possibilities. In the end you need to make your own choice for a product.

If you would like to know more about order picking with voice? Dalosy is ready to help you. Call us on +31 (0) 78 68 11 200 or send an email.

Whitepaper voice oplossing

Do you want to know more about voice solutions, request the whitepaper for more information.




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