The warehouse is changing. Have you switched to Android yet?

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Today’s consumers are more demanding and impatient than ever. They expect and demand quick delivery of their orders, preferably the same day. In addition, there is a huge shortage of staff, which means there is ever-increasing pressure to process more orders in less time. The warehouse is changing and outdated Windows devices are not made for these modern-day challenges. Are your mobile devices still running on Windows and do you want to meet the demands of the future? Then switch to Android Enterprise.

Choose modern technology with Android

The older Windows devices do not have the processing speed and functionality needed to handle the large volume of orders and fast delivery times. Almost everyone agrees that Android Enterprise is the best operating system (OS) to take the place of Windows. Since it is a leading OS on smartphones, many users are already used to it. This makes the step a lot easier. Thanks to a number of large hardware manufacturers, including our partner Zebra Technologies, Android is increasingly being used on rugged devices and handhelds for logistics processes. In addition, Android is an excellent candidate for development and is very innovative, making it an attractive choice for many other applications.

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4 changes you can't ignore as a warehouse

Keep up with modern mobile devices

1. E-commerce is booming

In 2021, 373 million online purchases were made by Dutch consumers, generating an online turnover of €30.6 billion.

2. Time constraints

More and more consumers expect faster deliveries, same-day deliveries or flash deliveries.

3. Staff shortage

8 out of 10 logistics workers expect an increase in staff shortages in the coming years, especially in transport and distribution.

4. Microsoft’s End of Support

Microsoft has discontinued support for Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 in 2020 and Windows Embedded Compact in 2021.

Migrating is easier than you think

Microsoft has finally stopped offering support and updates for their Windows OS for businesses. That means more security risks and fewer features for your older Windows devices. So you really can’t afford not to think about switching to another, more modern operating system. And Android Enterprise lends itself very well to development and is very innovative, making it an attractive choice for countless other applications. But a serious switch is of course not something that can be done just like that. A lot depends on it, and we understand that. That is why we would like to schedule a no-obligation consultation with you. In this meeting, we can outline the most important points for you, so that you can start your migration process well prepared.

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