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We keep moving on! In the summer of 2023, labels & supplies specialist Logilabel became part of Dalosy. This is a valuable addition of expertise in labels & supplies to our company. It’s no coincidence that this happened shortly after our acquisition by Peak Technologies. Peak’s strategy is to integrate companies worldwide that complement each other, providing customers with a single point of contact and elevating the quality to a higher level. We thought this was a good moment to reflect on the world of labels.

Labels? Can you save on them?

At some companies, labels are seen merely as an expense, with the notion that you just stick them on a box or item, and they add little value. In fact, they’re seen as a cost. However, there can be numerous hidden costs when the quality of a cheap label is lacking. For instance, if labels cause damage to the printer during printing, like frequent printhead failures, you’ll have to replace it, incurring additional expenses. Furthermore, paper wastage occurs due to the need for reprinting. Not to mention the complaints arising when labels lack the right quality, become damaged, become unreadable, or fall off due to poor adhesion.

Crucial information carrier

A label is a crucial information carrier. The information it conveys can pertain to the contents of a box, but it can also be indispensable for tracking and tracing, or specifying the details of an electronic component. To stick with that example: electronic components often encounter high temperatures. In such cases, the label needs to withstand it. If it fades or melts away, you’ll no longer know what type of component you’re handling. On the other hand, some labels must be resistant to moisture or rain.

Take a look at your footprint

There’s still a lot to gain in the sustainability field. Is your organization actively striving to reduce CO2 emissions? Do you, for instance, engage in waste separation, and do you pay attention to the labels you use? If you work with cardboard boxes, you shouldn’t stick a plastic label on them, but rather use a paper sticker. Making the right choice has an immediate impact on your ecological footprint.

The use of linerless labels can also help your organization become more sustainable. These labels do not have backing paper, or liner, in other words. They have a special adhesive that allows them to be removed from the roll immediately after printing with no residue. Since the backing paper is discarded, linerless labels can result in up to 40% less waste.

Standing out with your labels

Where black and white printing used to be sufficient, we are noticing that color printing is becoming more popular due to the advantages it offers for businesses. Full-color labels are becoming increasingly important as a communication tool. The use of color and symbols on labels enhances the effectiveness of communication and increases safety. Additionally, color labels can strengthen your company’s brand and identify product variations.

Dalosy’s advice: Ask the specialist

The advice of a specialist can help you save costs, improve quality, and reduce your footprint. An expert can inform you about which labels are suitable for your printer, adhere well, and offer the right print quality. He or she can also provide insights into the increasing demand for color labels and eco-friendly linerless labels.

You can also align the ongoing maintenance contracts and the contracts for labels & supplies. How convenient is it to have a single point of contact for equipment, labels & supplies from now on, ensuring better quality and cost control?

Do you want to learn more about labels or do you have any other questions?

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