The 5 biggest advantages of Dalosy Enterprise Mobility Management

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Dalosy has introduced an even better service: Enterprise Mobility Management – Premium. With this service, you no longer have to worry about the maintenance and management of your Enterprise Mobility. Dalosy takes all the worries out of your hands. For example, by remotely detecting which devices are slowing down. By repairing a broken handheld device within the agreed time. By installing and regularly maintaining safety patches and updates. By managing your Android version. And much more.

What’s in it for you? Why should you purchase Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) services from Dalosy? We go through five of the benefits with you.

1. Security

Your organisation is dependent on IT from A to Z. External threats can cripple your organisation. For the continuity of your business, it is therefore essential that all systems, applications and devices are regularly provided with security and quality updates that include protection against the latest threats. These updates must also work seamlessly with each other. If something goes wrong in the cooperation between the ERP system and the handheld devices, for example, then you have a serious problem.

With Dalosy Enterprise Mobility Management Premium, you can focus on the work you do best. We ensure the security of your applications, software and mobile devices by coordinating security and quality updates and new software versions and providing all systems, applications and mobile devices with updates at the right time.

2. Costs

Some things undermine your productivity unnoticed. Like a battery that runs down quickly or a weak WiFi signal. We fix these things before they become problems. It is as if the fitter is at the door before your tap starts to leak!

Because Dalosy proactively looks after your Enterprise Mobility, you are operational 24/7 and you avoid many unnecessary costs. The advice you receive from us based on the reports and measurements allows you to save even more on operational costs. Not to mention the costs that would be incurred by an external attack, a malfunctioning system or outdated software.

3. Efficiency

You can also further improve the efficiency of your organisation on the basis of the extensive reports you receive monthly from Dalosy. We help you close weak spots in wifi coverage, for example. We advise you on the more efficient use of mobile devices. And we provide insight into which software version is running on the various devices. This enables us to roll out OS updates, safety patches and releases in a simple and controlled manner. This is how we ensure optimum efficiency with Dalosy Enterprise Mobility Management Premium.

Apart from this, you also improve efficiency because everyone can do their work as usual. By choosing Dalosy’s EMM, your employees have their hands free again to do the work they were hired to do. They no longer need to monitor systems, install and update software or secure devices. Dalosy does that for them.

4. Convenience

For a fixed monthly fee per mobile device, you can outsource the specialist work of installing, updating, repairing, support in the event of breakdowns, device management, safety patches and much more to Dalosy’s specialists. If there is a malfunction, you can expect support. If a device is broken, you can make use of our repair services, with your defective device being picked up and returned within one working day. With the right software and settings so you can start using it immediately. We can’t make it any easier than that.

5. Security

We could also call this benefit ‘never worrying again’ or ‘worry-free’ or ‘sleeping peacefully’. We call it ‘complete worry-free’. With Dalosy’s Enterprise Mobility Management Premium you have the certainty that all your mobile equipment works properly, is equipped with the latest software version, works seamlessly with the rest of your IT landscape and is properly protected against external threats. Dalosy proactively tackles problems and monitors the performance of your hardware, software and WiFi connection. And that certainty is worth its weight in gold.




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