Temperature Intelligence. Monitoring and sensor technology.

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Do you work with products, such as medications, vaccines or blood bags, that require constant cooling? Then get to know the temperature sensors from Zebra. These temperature indicators are designed by TempTime!

TempTime Temperature indicators

TempTime is the market leader in the development and production of temperature indicators for the healthcare sector. These temperature indicators are used by the world’s largest healthcare organisations and Life Science manufacturers. What makes TempTime’s temperature indicators so special is the technology it contains to visually alert users when medical products and shipments have experienced a temperature anomaly. This allows healthcare organisations and manufacturers to ensure that potentially harmful temperature variations of their medical products are identified in time.

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The right solution for every application

Temperature Intelligence with monitoring- and sensor technology.

Heat indicators

See at a glance whether temperature-sensitive products are exposed to heat with irreversible visual indicators, such as the HEATmarker or LIMITmarker.

Freeze indicators

Protect temperature-sensitive products from freezing with the irreversible FREEZE marker, which visually indicates whether a product has fallen below 0, -1 or -6 °C.

Blood temperature indicators

The Safe-T-Vue blood temperature indicators are designed to help blood banks and blood transfusion services ensure regulatory compliance and preserve valuable blood supplies.

Electronic Sensors

These Bluetooth electronic EDGE sensors are wireless and compact, making them ideal for monitoring temperature-sensitive products – from production to storage and shipping – against temperature fluctuations.

Monitoring throughout the transport chain

For the monitoring of temperature sensitive products during transport, TempTime has designed the TransTracker. The TransTracker is a single-use indicator that monitors exposure to heat, freezing or thawing and refreezing of products during storage and shipping. It can be adapted to your specific temperature monitoring needs. You choose a HEAT, LIMIT and/or FREEZE marker to create your TransTracker that visually indicates at a glance whether there have been any temperature fluctuations. In addition, the TransTrackers come with detailed instructions for reading the indicators and can be customized with branding and text from the shipper or supplier.




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