Sustainability in Enterprise Mobility

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In business, we see the attention for the sustainability of technology growing rapidly. And that is great news. Manufacturers and users of electronics are becoming aware of their role and are taking responsibility, and companies are also making demands in the area of sustainability. More and more electronic components are becoming available, as well as raw materials that are suitable for reuse.

At the same time, there is a conflict between sustainability and digital transformation. People keep chasing the latest developments, and that is at odds with the pursuit of green IT. This behaviour even reinforces the disposal mentality. Many people are convinced that they always need the latest technology. They replace their equipment as soon as there is a new development.

How can we work towards sustainability in Enterprise Mobility?

Together with manufacturers, we at Dalosy undertake a number of actions to give sustainability a push. Like this one:

Devices recycling

More and more manufacturers of Enterprise Mobility are supplying equipment that is suitable for reuse. They offer trade-in programmes to give devices a second life. In such a programme, the manufacturer takes care of recycling by placing the equipment with customers who, for example, do not have such high demands or who are not so big. They can continue to use the recycled equipment for a number of years.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) can also extend the life of devices. For example, by regularly installing software patches, the software stays up to date. This reduces the need for replacement. By setting up EMM software cleverly, the user does not even notice that the software is being updated, but the device can be used for longer.

Battery management

Batteries are better managed. The life of a battery is not the same as the life of the whole device. When the battery dies, it doesn’t mean the device is broken. In the background, EMM can help you figure out what’s going on and how to optimise battery use. This reduces the need to replace batteries.

Economically sound maintenance contract

Devices can break. The user may drop them, use them incorrectly or spill a cup of hot coffee on them. There may also be a fault in the device. Often we can simply repair such a device. This is obviously a more environmentally friendly solution than throwing it away and getting a new or spare device from the shelf.

Some companies feel that it is more economical to buy a new device. However, there are more and more opportunities to offer an economical maintenance contract so that devices are not thrown away, but repaired and kept in use.


By purchasing a device at the right time in its lifecycle, you can often make it last longer. Especially since the life cycle of a device is becoming shorter and shorter.

What does Dalosy do?

At Dalosy we are convinced that sustainability deserves a prominent place in Enterprise Mobility. We advise our clients on this subject and help them to do business in a more sustainable way. We do business with major manufacturers and suppliers of mobile device management who have a strong focus on sustainability.

In the field of sustainability we provide:

  • Certified (green) disposal of equipment and batteries
  • Equipment reuse
  • Battery management via Mobile Device Management
  • Periodic software updates
  • Economical maintenance contracts that discourage the throwaway society


Pursue green IT

Your organisation can also contribute to the pursuit of green IT. Does one of the above actions appeal to you? At Dalosy, we would be happy to discuss with you the opportunities for exchanging the disposable culture for sustainable technology.

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