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Whether it is about carrying out complicated assemblies or picking small parts in the warehouse: nowadays every second counts! When many actions have to be carried out between scanning, wearables might be the way to go. Dalosy provides smart gloves, ring scanners, wearable terminals and head displays from A-brands such as ProGlove and Zebra Technologies.

Scanning with smart gloves

ProGlove’s smart gloves replace the traditional barcode scanner and enable employees to work faster, safer and more ergonomically. They are smart gloves with an integrated scanner on the back of the hand that you activate with a finger movement. ProGlove’s smart gloves allow you to scan 1D and 2D barcodes quickly, without having to pick up or put down the scanner. It simplifies logistics and production processes, eliminates process steps and reduces picking errors by 33%.

BMW’s largest high bay warehouse for spare parts has been using ProGlove wearables since 2015. Since its introduction, all logistics workers have started working more efficiently and a scan takes 4 seconds less time, resulting in a saving of 4,000 minutes a day!

Ring scanners and wearables

Ring scanners are worn on your finger, leaving both hands free to pick up boxes and materials, pack, move, etc. They are extremely light, comfortable and are connected by wire or wireless to a wearable terminal or mobile computer, which is attached to the arm. This ensures optimal ease of use during order picking, replenishment or markdown of articles. Ideal for use in the warehouse!

Working with head displays

Inspired by the Google glass, Zebra designed the first wearable display two years ago. These glasses contain a camera, tracker and microphone. Employees have all the real-time information they need in the middle of their field of vision, i.e. hands-free, and can thus work more efficiently. Head displays are easy to connect to mobile computers and do not require batteries, processors or wireless radios.

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