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Perhaps you have seen robots in a shop or hospital that serve as hosts. Or you may know that Amazon uses drones for order picking. Robots can improve your efficiency significantly. However, robotics are not fitted for every environment and situation. At Dalosy you can get advice and purchase robots from Fetch Robotics. We also offer various software training courses for service engineers.

What are the possibilities?

When we talk about robots, we often mean AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) like those from our partner Fetch Robotics. These are self-propelled transport devices that carry packaged goods, crates and pallets, especially in logistics environments.

The robots can also follow an order picker. The order picker places boxes on the robot and the robot finds its way back. This saves the order picker a lot of lugging and walking. Other robots drive through the warehouses themselves to count the stock. And some robots have an ‘arm’ and can pick and fill orders themselves.

In a retail environment, the robot may be equipped with Artificial Intelligence to, for example, check the items on the shelves unmanned for type and numbers. He can even replenish the store.

What should you look out for?

Robotics cannot be fitted into every existing environment and situation. To start with, the wireless network and software must be suitable. Is the coverage good enough? Can all elements be integrated into one efficient working system?

The physical environment must also lend itself to robotisation. Is there enough space so that people and robots can move about safely? Another important question is whether the floor is suitable for moving robots. Dalosy is happy to help you with the transition. It starts with sound advice on the best approach. We can set up a test or demo environment for you and supply the software and/or licences for that environment.

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