Retail news from New York: our discoveries at NRF 2020

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If there is one trade fair that you as a retailer should not miss, it is the New York Retail Fair (NRF): the largest retail fair in the world. For more than 10 years, Dalosy has organised the annual Dalosy Retail Trip, during which we visit this event together with a number of retailers to gain inspiration. In this blog, we share with you the trends, developments and innovations we encountered in New York.

Innovative shopping

Every year we put together the Dalosy Retail Trip programme together with our partners Zebra and Extreme Networks. We not only visit the trade fair, but also go out into the New York suburbs to gain inspiration from various innovative shops. Our visit to Showfields was special in every way. With the growth of online shopping, you see more and more shops disappearing from the street scene. Showfields shows how physical shops can offer added value. Besides the fact that Showfields is a beautifully designed building that accommodates all sorts of small start-ups, the interior design is nothing short of spectacular. For example, you can go from the third to the second floor by slide. Showfields is all about the experience.

Highlights and new solutions at the NRF

Several Dalosy partners had organised a Booth Tour at the NRF that was perfectly tailored to the interests of our retailers. We saw various solutions that support shop processes. Especially AI, ML and robotics were hot topics at the trade fair, which we also saw at Zebra and Extreme Networks.

Robots and Automation Intelligence

At our progressive partner Zebra we saw several solutions based on automation intelligence. Like the Ema50, a robot that can support shop staff. Ema independently drives along the shelves to see if anything needs to be added and if the articles are in the right place. Shop owners facing staff shortages are increasingly using this robot, so that the staff present can take on other tasks.

We also saw the LocusBot, a robot that accompanies the order picking process in DCs. An employee places the articles in a bin that the LocusBot carries. At the press of a button, the LocusBot drives to a pre-set location, where another employee performs the next action. The next LocusBot automatically comes to the first employee to place a new order.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Extreme Networks showed us new solutions like Extreme Cloud IQ. This is a solution for retail based on AI and Machine Learning. With this, wifi networks can adapt themselves better to the circumstances, for example when they detect external sources of disturbance. The wifi network can be configured so that it is not affected by this. If the network detects such interference, it will correct itself or broadcast on a different channel. Smart!

Optimally connecting online and offline

Doddle presented their Collect & Return solution that takes over part of the logistical process of large web shops. Consumers can indicate when and where they want to collect their package. They then receive a barcode on their phone with which they can collect their package from the collect kiosk. Returning something is just as easy, because at the same location there is a Doddle return kiosk where you can return smaller items. Via an app, you indicate that you have a return. You get another barcode on your phone and you show it to the kiosk. A shipping label is printed automatically, you stick it on the item and the product goes into the kiosk. The employee behind the service desk no longer has to be constantly busy with the delivery and acceptance of packages.

Dynamic pricing with ESL

At SES-imagotag, also a Dalosy partner, the new possibilities for dynamic pricing were shown. SES Imagotag supplies electronic shelf labels with which you can very easily price dynamically and steer promotions. It is even possible to place a flashing LED light on the shelf label, making it easier to find products through an app. As soon as a customer or employee searches for a specific product via the app, the light will light up next to that product. Handy for staff and consumers! This functionality has various applications to improve the ROI, for example to signal empty shelves.

Curious about one or more of these solutions? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for your company. We are happy to share our experience and knowledge with you!




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