Peak Analytics and AI Technology for Sorting Centers

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Large sorting centers like those of PostNL or FedEx have perfected parcel sorting into an art form. There are also companies that manage their own distribution after the manufacturing process, such as white goods manufacturers, major fashion companies, and e-commerce giants. In all these distribution centers, you’ll find miles of conveyor belts complete with switches and buffer zones, where each package follows a specific route. Cameras and scanners, reading barcodes in a fraction of a second, ensure a package reaches its correct endpoint.

Issues during the sorting process

This process doesn’t go without a hitch: a label might be missing, unreadable, or there are three labels on a single package. Human intervention is necessary in such cases. Someone must take the package off the conveyor belt and resolve the issue manually.

There are also issues that scanners fail to detect. The label might be in the wrong place, the box could be damaged, or the label might not have the correct design or color. Cameras aren’t equipped to detect such deviations as they are primarily focused on logistics. However, in such instances, a box needs to be manually taken off the belt, inspected, and provided with a new packaging or label, which also needs manual printing. This consumes time and manpower—two scarce resources.

Peak Analytics diagnostic software with AI technology

Peak Technologies has developed Peak Analytics, a diagnostic software enabling equipment to process more information. Using AI technology, the program gathers information, learns from it, and builds a history. Sorting issues are immediately brought to light, allowing improvements in the sorting process.

This means that barcodes scanners can now be used to gather information and implement improvements based on that data. That’s the power of Peak Analytics: enhancing and streamlining processes.

Internal and external process enhancements

Many sorting centers receive packages from external sources, such as products bought abroad or from suppliers. Thanks to this new software with AI technology, you can provide feedback to suppliers about sorting process issues. You can also inform them about the specifications their packages must meet. Consequently, they can enhance their own processes and deliver packages that smoothly traverse the chain with the right specifications and details. Isn’t it great that you can make internal as well as external improvements?

Dalosy at Parcel & Post Expo

During the Parcel & Post Expo in October, Dalosy presented the new Peak Analytics software in collaboration with Peak Technologies. At our demo scanning tunnel, visitors could witness firsthand how the technology operates. There was certainly a keen interest in this development.

Some visitors already utilizing scanners in their sorting centers wanted to know if Peak Analytics software would work with their existing cameras. Since Peak Analytics software is adaptable to various brands and solutions, we were able to assure them. The Peak Analytics diagnostic software with AI technology is compatible with scanners and solutions from different brands.

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