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When it comes to improving operational efficiency, we often don’t think about the storage and availability of our mobile devices. And yet it does have an impact on productivity and efficiency. A good storage space is secure and practical with enough room for all your mobile devices. Is this not the case for you? Then there is certainly room for improvement! With Intelligent Cabinets Zebra offers a portfolio of both customised and standardised modular solutions to store, track, secure and manage your mobile devices.

An Intelligent Cabinet for any organisation

With a variety of designs (standard or customised), there is always an Intelligent Cabinet for your business! Through effective management, Zebra’s Intelligent Cabinets maximise the life and performance of each device. Every device is ready for use at the start of every shift. Using the Zebra Access Management System (AMS), you can give users faster, easier and more secure access to devices. By tracking and reporting individual users, devices can be made ready for a new shift faster, there is less delay at the end of a shift and the overall service quality goes up. And with less damage and loss of devices, costs go down.

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Standard & Modular
Single-sided or double-sided, modular racks with space for 30 to 60 devices. These racks are open (easy access), easy to move and available with multiple configurations, mounting and built-in options.


Standard & Modular
With enhanced security options and Zebra’s AMS, these modular cabinets allow you to greatly reduce the risk of damage and loss of mobile devices. With a choice of six different sizes – from Compact to Extreme – these cabinets offer storage capacity for 5 to 100 devices.

Cradle Locks

Standard & Modular
Locks for cradles with mechanical locking, a battery charging status to make users more responsible with the devices and improved device security and performance.


Special carts with equipment storage, fully customised. The carts are mobile and secure via wifi and 4G.

Always clean, disinfected equipment

Last years COVID-19 we all noticed how important it is to take hygiene measures, especially when (mobile) equipment is used by multiple employees. With Zebra’s UV-C drawers – which can be placed separately or in the cabinet – UV radiation disinfects your equipment quickly and safely! If you link the UV-C drawers to the Access Management System, you can see exactly which mobile devices are already disinfected and ready for use.




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