Information, AI, and Sustainability

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The new year began with a flying start. How are your new year’s resolutions coming along? At Dalosy, we already started to implement our resolutions.

Proactively sharing and managing information

Our first aim, is to provide our customers with information in a more transparent and proactive manner. We understand your need for insight and overview. You want to know the location of your equipment, the security status, and their condition. You also want an overview of your machinery: what equipment do we have? Is it being used efficiently, do we need more, or perhaps have we acquired too much equipment? Because only when your organization has an optimal machinery setup and is taken care of, you can serve your customers perfectly. We are going to make it easier for you.

Manufacturers are increasingly choosing to incorporate the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), into their new products and solutions, enabling you to look ahead even more effectively and manage things proactively.

Life Cycle Management

One challenge we must deal with is that the lifespan of devices is getting shorter with time. Once a device is delivered, you already need to start thinking of its successor. This is, of course, related to rapidly changing operating systems but also the implementation of new technologies like 5G and WiFi6. Developments nowadays happen so quickly. You can’t do without them, and every development has an impact on the environment within your company.

We want to serve you even better when it comes to lifecycle management. Because with timely equipment replacement and transitioning to other equipment or a different system, we can prevent various problems, security issues, and waiting times.

On the other hand, we won’t blindly follow every new development. A change or upgrade must be feasible and must also fit your organization. Sometimes a purchase is unnecessary or too expensive. Perhaps a device is still perfectly functional and hasn’t reached the end of its lifecycle. In those cases, you can trust that we will let you know. We advise you based on our knowledge and experience. We are, after all, your trusted adviser, also in 2024.


We will pay extra attention to sustainability, an aspect of our work that is becoming increasingly important. Consider, for example, trading in your old equipment, which is recycled in an environmentally friendly and certified manner. At Dalosy, we strive to make the right balance between people, the environment, and business interests with every business decision. We also have a CSR policy that has been developed according to the international guidelines of ISO 26000.

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