Honeywell Mobility Edge Platform

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We live in a time where technological developments move faster than we can keep up with. Companies would do well to invest in future-proof products and solutions. For example, by investing in Android Enterprise devices! Because Android develops very quickly, it can be a challenge to keep your mobile devices and applications up-to-date and secure. Luckily Honeywell, in cooperation with Qualcomm and Google, offers the solution with the Mobility Edge Platform.

A platform for the future

Microsoft has stopped offering support and updates for their Windows CE and Windows Embedded Handheld OS in 2020. So anyone still working with Windows devices will sooner or later have to make the switch, for example to Android.

Android is modern, future-oriented and develops quickly, so you can always apply the latest technologies to optimise your processes. The Honeywell Mobility Edge Platform offers a dynamic hardware and software platform with integrated security that forms the new technical standard for all Honeywell devices. The platform consists of a System-on-Module (or SOM) motherboard, Android operating system and applications which are perfectly attuned to each other.

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The 3 biggest benefits

of Honeywell Mobility Edge

Speed up the rollout

Validate once, implement everywhere
All Honeywell devices share the same SOM motherboard and software, making new apps and updates much faster and easier to roll out.

Increase productivity

Powerful tools for stronger work performance
Powerful, built-in tools help employees do their jobs faster and more safely.

Extend the life cycle

Future-proof for maximum ROI
Het platform ondersteunt tot 5 Android-generaties. The platform supports up to 5 Android generations. This allows you to always use the latest Android version and extends the lifecycle of your devices for maximum efficiency!




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