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We live in a digital age where Internet access is one of the primary necessities of life and Wi-Fi is indispensable. With the increase in the use of mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT), the demand for a higher capacity Wi-Fi network is growing. But as the wireless network expands, so does the pressure on network management and the IT department. ExtremeCloud IQ offers you the ability to see your entire network and manage it from one location.

What is ExtremeCloud IQ?

ExtremeCloud IQ is the intelligent network platform from Extreme Networks that allows you to easily configure, monitor and manage your network through a single tool in the cloud. Large enterprises in various sectors can link different WiFi environments to one central management console. This gives IT administrators insight into the complete network infrastructure and allows them to provide secure and reliable network access from anywhere, which is more relevant than ever in this day and age. ExtremeCloud IQ can be deployed in the Public Cloud, Private Cloud or On Premise.

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The biggest benefits

of ExtremeCloud IQ

Automatically the right configuration

As soon as an access point is connected in the network, it is automatically registered with ExtremeCloud IQ and provided with the correct application and configuration.

Live heatmap

The locations of the connected access points are visible on a map, which also displays a live heatmap of the WiFi coverage.

Smart wifi-technology

More than 4 billion management messages are processed every day. Equipment is thus fed with information by ML (machine learning) and AI (artificial intelligence), which in turn makes ExtremeCloud IQ smarter to optimise the network and solve problems preventively.

Tackle problems proactively

ExtremeCloud IQ receives a signal if certain processes cause a higher load or if a component fails, and then automatically starts a repair procedure.

360 degrees insight

You get a 360-degree insight of the status and performance of the network’s devices, clients and applications.

Worry-free WiFi

ExtremeCloud IQ gives you the insight, control and intelligence you need to make your entire network infrastructure function optimally and support your processes to the maximum. Now, and in the future. With ExtremeCloud IQ you know exactly what is going on, which takes a lot of pressure off the management department. In large organisations with thousands of devices, this is indispensable. Would you like to have no worries about your WiFi network at all? Then leave the management, monitoring and maintenance entirely to Dalosy! From repairs and security to updates: with our Enterprise Mobility Management services, everything is taken care of.




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