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In June 2022, Peak Technologies’ acquisition of Dalosy was settled. We’d like to tell you a bit more about it.

Who is Peak Technologies?

Peak Technologies is a major player in Enterprise Mobility that also offers managed services, wireless networking and technical support. With offices in the US, UK and Ireland, Peak has more than 1,000 employees and a turnover of around €700 million. Apart from size, the organisation is big on expertise and quality.

What does the acquisition mean for Dalosy?

The acquisition makes Dalosy a global player in Enterprise Mobility, although of course we were already doing business with well-known and large parties in the Retail, Transport & Logistics, Healthcare and Manufacturing sectors.

The collaboration with other Peak companies brings us expertise in areas such as robotics, RTLS, software solutions and various other modern technologies. The application of new technologies leads to greater efficiency, which is exactly what customers are asking for. As they find it increasingly difficult to get people, the need for automation and robotisation continues to grow.

Dalosy keeps its own identity

We think it’s important to keep our own identity. You can radically change a company like ours to integrate into your organisation, but then you lose everything that makes Dalosy special.

At Peak Technologies, they understand this. Instead, they want to empower Dalosy, because that identity adds value. They strive for synergy through cooperation and endorse the importance of individuality. In talks with other companies that have been part of the Peak group for several years, this was confirmed. They still have their own identity and local customer loyalty even after a few years.

What does Dalosy do?

At Dalosy we are convinced that sustainability deserves a prominent place in Enterprise Mobility. We advise our clients on this subject and help them to do business in a more sustainable way. We do business with major manufacturers and suppliers of mobile device management who have a strong focus on sustainability.

In the field of sustainability we provide:

  • Certified (green) disposal of equipment and batteries
  • Equipment reuse
  • Battery management via Mobile Device Management
  • Periodic software updates
  • Economical maintenance contracts that discourage the throwaway society


Not tunnel vision, but future vision

As an entrepreneur, you have to be careful not to get tunnel vision. You have to have an eye for change and improvement if that is good for the future of your organisation. So we have embraced this development, mainly because Peak Technologies is such a good party for us.

For Peak USA, it’s great that their customers can be served across Europe. For Dalosy, it’s great to add that business. We are thrilled to start a new adventure. The acquisition allows us to work together, grow and strengthen each other. We look forward to the future with confidence.

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