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Convenience serves the customer. The easier we make things for our clients, the higher our client satisfaction, client loyalty and client retention. It is no coincidence that Dalosy focuses on unburdening its clients. Are you an ERP, WMS or ICT service provider and would you like to unburden your clients, but do not have the resources to do so? Then it might be interesting for you to become a Dalosy reseller.

The benefits

As a reseller, you can sell our mobile solutions to your clients in order to offer them a total package. This means that – in addition to your own services – you can offer mobile devices, wireless networks and support and management services. Without investment, because you only buy from Dalosy after you have sold our solutions to your client!

  • no investment needed
  • offer your customers extra service – a full package
  • always the latest updates and newest products
  • service and 24/7 support from an expert


You know what is best for your customers and what they need in order to make optimum use of your service. As a Dalosy Reseller, you remain your client’s contact person. You decide which products and services to integrate into the total solution you offer your clients and at what price. Behind the scenes, Dalosy ensures that the right products and expertise are used so that everything is arranged perfectly. In short, you do what you do best and we take care of the rest.

Know more?

Are you interested and would you like to receive more info? Please feel free to contact us.




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