6 Tips for low or high days

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In the December month, we see two extremes. Companies are either very quiet because all or part of their processes have ground to a halt due to the Christmas holidays, or very busy because demand has risen explosively. The latter is the case in supermarkets, e-commerce and logistics. Although they are diametrically opposed, both scenarios present risks and opportunities. In this blog, we will give you some useful tips to deal with the situation and to prepare for different times.

Tips om rustige tijden maximaal te benutten

Your mobile devices are used less or even stopped altogether. You might not expect it, but every disadvantage has its advantage! How can you use this silent period?

After the holidays, when all processes get back on track, you need to be able to rely on your mobile devices and printers, which have not been used for weeks, or have been used only marginally, and which are important for the continuity of your business processes. They must be in top condition when you need them again. With these simple tips, you can get back to work with confidence.

Mobile terminal and/or scanner

  • Look at the casing. If there are any cracks or dents, be aware that there may also be damage inside.
  • Look at the keyboard. Are all the keys still readable? Are any keys missing?
  • Check the scan beam. Does the scan engine still work properly? Is the scanning glass still in good condition? If it is damaged the scanner cannot do its job properly.
  • Check if the latest software version is already running on the device. This is an ideal time to update your software.
  • Check that all security updates have been installed, so that you can get off to a safe start.
  • Check the batteries. Batteries are an underestimated source of failure. Do they still work?
  • Also check the production date of the batteries. If they are more than 3 years old, replace them immediately.
  • It is best to leave your mobile devices switched on and in the charger.

2. Cradles / home stations for hand terminals and batteries

  • Clean the charging and communication contacts that connect to the terminal with a cloth dampened with contact spray.
  • Check that the power supply is not too hot.
  • Check and arrange the cables to and from the power supply.
  • The place where the power supply is located is usually forgotten during cleaning. It is also often difficult to reach. It gets extra warm here under a thick layer of dust. So clean the area around the power supply with a hoover.

3. Printers

  • Dust is also a big enemy of your printers. Carefully dust the inside and outside with a hoover.
  • Printhead and label guides are essential for a good working printer. You can clean them with a cleaning agent intended for this purpose. Even better: have this done by Dalosy service engineers. They will check the printer is still working properly, give it a thorough service and prepare it for use.

4. Defective equipment, accessories, terminals

You probably have a corner of equipment and accessories that you would like to have checked. Do it now. You have the space now that it is less busy. At Dalosy, our repairs and services department is in full swing. Have you bought terminals from Dalosy and they are faulty? Report your repair and send it back to us immediately. Then we can start repairing them.

Tips for peak times

In some sectors, we see the opposite of calm. In supermarkets, healthcare and distribution centres, for example, it is all hands on deck. For companies in these industries, we have two important tips.

5. Additional hygiene measures when using mobile devices

We cannot say it often enough: work safely. Think about your own health and that of your colleagues and their families. We recently published a blog on this subject with all sorts of useful tips. Ranging from personal hygiene to taking care of your mobile devices. You can find the blog here.

6. Hire additional mobile equipment temporarily

Are you short of equipment because it is busier than usual? Or do you want to give all your employees their own mobile device for reasons of hygiene?

With Dalosy Flexible Hire, Dalosy also hires out devices, for a shorter or longer period. We have mobile equipment from Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, Datalogic, Vocollect and Toshiba, amongst others. From barcode scanners and label printers to handheld terminals and voice picking equipment. Because we listen carefully to your needs, we can deliver the mobile devices that best suit your processes and your organisation.

An important advantage for your organisation is that Dalosy also offers Enterprise Mobility Management. To start with, we provide you with the extra equipment you need on demand. We have also customised this equipment for your organisation so that you can use it immediately. Dalosy arranges all maintenance, support and management. We monitor your systems, including the rented equipment, and solve many problems before they affect you. We call this taking care of everything.

Eerlijk advies?

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