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A mobile environment consists of separate components that are connected to each other. Your entire organisation relies on this mobile environment. Your team must be able to rely on each device working optimally 24/7.

In this blog, we will go through 4 pitfalls of a mobile environment with you. What simple things are often forgotten? Which devices or components often cause failures? How do you solve them, or even better: how do you prevent them? The answer to this question is easier than you think.

1. Life cycle management

The purpose of Life Cycle Management is, in the first place, to have a good idea of how your installed base is doing when it comes to End of Sale and End of Service. By organising business processes in this way, all employees know what to expect, and you avoid failures and breakdowns as much as possible.

Everything must fit together: the hardware, the software application, the maintenance contract and the mobile device management part. But Life Cycle Management is obviously not your core business. So someone is probably doing it ‘on the side’.

Suppose you have 10-15 units that need replacing, and you discover that they are no longer available. Then it’s time for new devices. That can have an impact on the software and peripherals, such as cradles and other accessories. But are you actually at a stage where you can take the next step? Or would it be better to wait?

It is better to be proactive than to be surprised. With a Life Cycle Management programme, you stop and think about your mobile environment from time to time. What do you have at the moment and how will you move forward? Keep your focus on what you are good at. Dalosy then focuses on Life Cycle management.

2. Batteries

Every mobile device contains a battery. Batteries are increasingly a source of failure and work stoppage. On average, you can charge a battery 700-750 times. After a while, your device will still function, but the battery is getting weaker. You get malfunctions. The radio suddenly doesn’t work so well any more. Often, strange but untraceable faults can be traced back to the battery.

With Mobile Device Management, there are possibilities to manage the status of your batteries in a central place. But because the devices are used in different locations and sometimes also change location, it is not always easy to find out where the defective batteries are.

Tip from Dalosy: replace that battery preventively after about 2 years. That seems a shame, because it’s not really broken. But if you don’t, your device will not perform optimally. A properly functioning battery also ensures optimum performance of the employee working with the device. And that’s how you prevent failure of devices that are still in good working order except for the battery.

How can you avoid this pitfall as easily as possible? At Dalosy, you can have the replacement of the batteries automatically included in a maintenance contract. We then ensure that you receive new batteries on time, with a date sticker. We take away the old batteries and dispose of them in a manner that is kind to and safe for the environment.

3. (Wireless) network infrastructure

Your network infrastructure is indispensable for the smooth functioning of your business. But are you actually sure that your wireless network is still working optimally? The chances are that you installed the network years ago. Maybe the coverage and performance have since decreased. Or the wifi is not at its best when you are in that one corner of the warehouse. Sounds familiar? You are far from alone: many companies learn to live with sub-optimal network infrastructure. They get used to it and think it’s part of the game. But of course it’s not meant to be.

The same applies to the hardware. You should also have it checked from time to time. Maybe your access points have been installed for four years. In itself, that’s not such a problem until one of them breaks down. Then you have to wait and see if the same devices are still available and can be maintained. If not, you have to replace everything.

Prevent hardware failure, poor coverage and poor performance by having your wireless network checked periodically. At Dalosy, we always perform a coverage check, health check and security check. The entire network is measured and you receive professional advice.

Good maintenance ensures that everything keeps running smoothly. With a maintenance contract, you do not have to think about when it is time for a check-up. This way, your wireless network will always function optimally, which benefits the performance of your employees and all parts of your company. Especially if it has not been looked at for a few years, it is a small effort to have someone look at your wireless network and map everything out.

4. OS and security system

If you have all the previous points in order, check again whether your security is 100% watertight. Cyber attacks happen every day, and you want to avoid becoming a victim because you don’t have your security in order. By the way, did you know that static units are at least as much at risk as mobile ones?

More and more companies have a large installed base that they manage with as few people as possible. Your focus is logically on your core business, so that installed base gets less attention. And that is enormously risky for your organisation. The number of cyber attacks is only increasing. That is why it is better to work preventively and to prevent being empty-handed.

But how do you avoid being completely locked out by a cyber attack? The most important thing is to have the latest security patches installed. So have a check carried out every six months. Even if you work with older devices. An Operating System (OS) cannot last forever, because its development eventually stops. Nevertheless, manufacturers often still release security patches for outdated Operating Systems. So keep up with older hardware as much as possible to minimise the danger.

Dalosy Health Check for a healthy digital environment

Want to be sure that you are optimally protected against cyber attacks and equipment failure? Do the Dalosy Health Check! This will ensure that your company does not fall prey to any of these four pitfalls. We will map out your mobile environment, test your hardware and software and give advice on how to improve it.

The Dalosy Health Check can be carried out once or periodically. A periodic check prevents the ‘run and stand still’ effect. You are then actually always well protected against cyber attacks. This is safer than doing nothing for a long time and letting things get out of date. A periodic check means you are always up-to-date and you no longer have to worry about Enterprise Mobility Management issues.

Dalosy works proactively on your digital safety: we check, measure and advise. Ready for an up-to-date digital environment?

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