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Various parties have joined forces to develop this TPD solution. Who arranges what? And what do you have to do as a customer? To answer these questions, we have listed the roles of the various parties.

Role of Honeywell and Movilizer

Movilizer (part of Honeywell) developed the TPD software. Honeywell is the hardware manufacturer and supplies the ordered hardware to Dalosy.

The login data for the Movilizer Cloud Portal are provided directly by Honeywell to the customer. Do you already have login data? Please visit to log in to the Movilizer Cloud Portal.

Role of Dalosy

Dalosy purchases the hardware from Honeywell. After receiving the hardware, we take care of the staging of the handheld terminals so that we can deliver the hardware to the client fully configured. Dalosy ensures that the app – via SOTI MobiControl – is placed on the handheld terminal.

SOTI MobiControl

We use SOTI MobiControl for the staging of the hand terminals. This makes use of a Managed Google Play Account from Dalosy. Only the Movilizer ACT app is placed in this protected Play Store, so the app is updated from the Play Store. To ensure that the Movilizer app continues to run, the user cannot install any apps that might affect the operation of the Movilizer ACT app.

Of course, you can access the Android Settings to connect the device to your WiFi network, for example.

Role of the customer

The customer must ensure that the handheld terminals have internet access and can connect to SOTI MobiControl and the Movilizer Cloud Portal.

The customer is also responsible for setting up the Movilizer Cloud Portal to ensure the devices have the correct data. You must therefore provide the portal with master data (locations, routes and economic operators) and transactional data (orders, invoices and payments). The portal supports importing CSV files.


For questions about the app, to report bugs or to test and verify files, please contact Honeywell Movilizer Support.

For questions regarding the European Tobacco Products Directive, please refer to this document. If anything in the document is unclear, please contact Honeywell.

Documentation for setting up the Movilizer Cloud Portal
Commissioning Guide – Dutch
Commissioning Guide – English
Commissioning Guide – French
Quick Reference for ACT Master Data Import – English

Sample files
Route Example
Payment Example
Order Example
Invoice Example
Facility Example
Economic Operator Example

Documentation for the Movilizer app
User Manual – Dutch
User Manual – English
User Manual – French

Official document about the required TPD Track & Trace system
Official Journal of the European Union – Legislation




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