Every software needs a matching hardware.

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Do you want more control over your stock with Exact’s Inventory Management app and are you looking for a device to run the app. Then you’ve come to the right place. Discover our Android Enterprise devices that are a perfect match with the Exact inventory management app!

The right equipment

With the Exact Inventory Management app, tasks such as order picking, inventory count and receiving become a lot easier. By scanning articles, instead of entering them manually, you can save a lot of time and avoid many mistakes. But to do this, you do need the right equipment.

You can use Exact’s Inventory Management app on a smartphone, but for a warehouse or production environment, an Android Enterprise device is a much smarter choice. These devices have the same look-and-feel as an Android smartphone, but with Enterprise benefits. They are robust and can withstand water, dust and falls. In addition, they have a longer battery life and an integrated barcode scanner to scan flawlessly and quickly, without frustration.

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Top 3 benefits

of the Android Enterprise devices of Dalosy


The Android Enterprise devices contain an advanced barcode scanner that makes scanning much faster and easier than with a smartphone camera.


Dalosy has 46 years of experience in barcoding and warehouse environments. This is why we know exactly which device is best suited to the Exact Inventory Management app and to your environment!


We only work with top brands such as Zebra Technologies, so you will always get the best equipment at the best price.

Convenience & Relief

In addition to advising on the right equipment, Dalosy also offers various extra services such as configuration, support, maintenance and management. We ensure that you receive the devices – configured and with the app installed – so that they can be used straight from the box.

We offer additional support, maintenance and management services for complete peace of mind. Is a device broken? We make sure it is exchanged and that the right version and the right applications are installed. We also provide proactive management to improve the continuity of the devices. We monitor whether the equipment and battery are still working properly and advise promptly on replacement or maintenance. So you no longer have to worry about your equipment and everything that goes with it. And we make sure that everything is well organised and keeps running!

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